SMOOTH Nurturing Face Oil

SMOOTH Nurturing Face Oil

SMOOTH Nurturing Face Oil, $39

I have hypersensitive skin and have been testing face oil recipes on my face for quite some time (purchased some pretty expensive, well known brand ones as well). FINALLY!!! A face oil that does exactly what I need it to do. Nurture, calm, rebuild and smooth my skin. I am obsessed with this amazing Face Oil. I message a few drops between my finger tips then message into skin at bed time and awake with lovely, glowing skin. Let me tell you why it works so well! Go HERE to purchase.


JOJOBA OIL – acts as a natural skin conditioner.

CAMELLIA OIL- rich in oleic acid and vitamins A, B, D and E as well as nourishing Omega 3, 6 and 9. The molecular weight of the oil is an almost identical match for skin, allowing it to absorb quickly and thoroughly.

ROSEHIP OIL- helps protect skin cells from sun damage. Natural source of essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 – which help repair and regenerate damaged skin tissue. Natural source of vitamin C – a skin brightening, anti-ageing antioxidant that helps improve the appearance of pigmentation and restore skin’s tone.

BLACK CUMIN SEED OIL – has been used in traditional medicine since the beginning of civilization. It was called Panacea (which roughly translates to ‘cure-all’) in Ancient Egypt; it was found in the tomb of King Tut and it is said that Cleopatra used it as a beauty treatment. Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician, used it to cure digestive and metabolic disorders. The Prophet Muhammad called it “a remedy for every illness except death.”

VITAMIN E OIL – restores and rejuvenates dehydrated skin.

1 oz. bottle

SMOOTH Nurturing Face Oil

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