Handmade All Natural Organic Skincare Products for Eco-Conscious Consumers

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About Us: JOLI SAVONS makes only the finest natural skincare

Safe & Organic

Our products are entirely composed of natural, organic ingredients. They are developed in a sterile environment, which is allergen and contaminant-free. We avoid using artificial additives, irritants, synthetic substances, perfumes, parabens, palm oil, chemicals or harmful preservatives. If any colorants are used, they are all-naturel and skin-safe. We do not use products tested on animals. Most items are vegan-friendly except for items containing honey or beeswax.

Basil Anti-Aging Face Cream

According to research presented at the British Pharmaceutical Conference (BPC) in Manchester, basil has properties that can help prevent the harmful effects of aging. Freshly hand picked basil from my garden (chemical-free and hand washed many times) transformed into this amazing face cream. Scent of Basil and Witch Hazel.

Handmade, Organic Beauty Products for the Eco-Conscious Consumer.

Joli Savons is and Eco-Conscious Brand.
I use only the best, organic, plant based products and healing essential oils. I infuse my oils and toners with chemical free flowers and herbs. These combined make some pretty amazing, calming, healing and therapeutic products for your skin. I never use products tested on animals and my products are also palm free.

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